Solar Lightings Supplier in Singapore

Welcome to SolarlightingHQ! We are a leading supplier of solar LED lighting in Singapore. We have a wide range of solar powered lighting products ranging from ordinary household lamp to outdoor garden lights. Also being your solar lamp contractor, we could churn out the light of your desire and provide free onsite consultations.

Our solar lights are high performing and we have a vast selection of Solar lighting that will suit your desired application. We also have tailored solar lighting solution for your specific needs.  All lights from us will come with a warranty period of 1 to 2 years. Each solar lighting device from us are built to last, be it, in harsh environment.

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LED lighting advantages

LED lights are very energy efficient and consume far less electricity for similar brightness than the conventional bulbs. This energy savings could translate to better health for our earth. To take things further, we do not supply electrical lighting products. Our range of Solar lightings makes use of the power from the sun.

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